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S.A. SNC-Lavalin taking a seminar on NozzlePro (PRG) and AutoPIPE (Bentley System)

The seminar will take place between the 12 and the 15 of November 2013. They were using till now  only CAESAR II. If you are interested in a Seminar in your Firm, Please contact us!

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AutoPIPE V8i:How to handle the Nozzle Loads with AutoPIPE!

  How to handle the Nozzle Loads with AutoPIPE! Please join us for a free eSeminar to discover that the limitations of stress calculations are not, most of the time, the allowable stress at design temperature but mainly the Nozzle

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Competitive Advantages of AutoPIPE V8i/Video

Competitive Advantages of AutoPIPE V8i

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