Changes occurring in the Fuchs Organization

Dear Customers,

I would like to inform you about changes occurring in the Fuchs Organization starting in the new year.

The need of modernization and reconstruction has led us to create a new company – the Fuchs Corporation GmbH- dedicated to the software department including sales, support and training.

To ensure a proper generation transfer of the knowledge my daughter Caroline Fuchs – Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering from Karlsruhe University, and I will together overtake the tasks in the future. Our goal is to keep and to expend the existing experiences and knowledge of the W.Fuchs GmbH.

W. Fuchs GmbH will further offer consulting work under Mr. Werner Fuchs. To guarantee the transfer of the contracts from W.Fuchs GmbH to Fuchs Corporation GmbH I will stay Manager of the W.Fuchs GmbH.

You are welcome to contact me in case of questions.

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