AutoPIPE V8i:How to handle the Nozzle Loads with AutoPIPE!


How to handle the Nozzle Loads with AutoPIPE!

Please join us for a free eSeminar to discover that the limitations of stress calculations are not, most of the time, the allowable stress at design temperature but mainly the Nozzle Loads on pressure vessels and on rotating equipment.

In this eSeminar, you will learn how an expert in Stress Analysis addresses these issues with AutoPIPE tools:

  • The codes API 610, API617, NEMA SM23 for the rotating equipment
  • The calculation of the stress on pressure vessels (WRC107) when you take into account the loads coming from AutoPIPE with AutoPIPE Nozzle
  • The flexibility of the Nozzle with WRC 297 and alternative methods and their impact on the use of finite elements
  • The challenges working with company provided allowable Nozzle Loads for their Pressure Vessels
  • Working with tables of empirical Nozzle Loads to help figure out how far you are in your calculations
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