Axi/PRO provides FEA calculations for Flanges and Other Axisymmetric Models.


Bolts, nuts and holes may be included in the 3D brick models so that users can see the results of hole spacing on the stress distributions.  Dimensionally accurate flange models including studs and nuts are generated automatically for six major flange standards.

Build 3D models for the following code evaluations:

  • ASME Section VIII, Div. 1, Appendix 2


  • EN 13445






European Union IPPC directive 96/61/EU Mandates that all processing plants and power stations improve the management of industrial processes and ensure a higher level of protection for the environment. An important part of this legislation is the reduction of fugitive emissions. To put the fugitive emissions problem in perspective, a typical European refinery loses between 600 and 10,000 tons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) per year. It is estimated that 72% of this is attributable to plant equipment such as pipe flanges, pumps, valves and vessels.  And one major chemical manufacturer reports that  28% of their emissions come from flanges. It is a fact that all gaskets leak, but do you know the variance between gasket types?  Most gasket manufacturers cannot answer this question.  Selection of the correct gasket is critical.  Process plant managers need to know how badly their gaskets leak. The standard practice of gasket selection based on fluid, temperature, pressure and bolting is no longer acceptable. Consider the actual costs of not knowing:

  • Loss of Product

  • Loss of Production Time

  • Clean-up Costs

  • Labor Cost to Repair Leaks

  • Environmental Fines

  • Bad Community Relations

Axi/PRO, flange analysis software that not only protects the environment but saves process plants money.