Finite Element Analysis provides the right answer

What separates FE/Pipe from the rest of the general FEA tools?


The ability to rapidly construct PVP geometries and produce ASME stress reports sets us apart. FE/Pipe makes modeling typical pressure vessel and piping geometries faster and easier than is possible with general FEA tools due to the parametric design philosophy. The parametric approach used in FE/Pipe permits even novice finite element analysts to construct accurate models using only dimensional input. FE/Pipe automatically creates the model geometry, element mesh, applied loads, and boundary conditions based on standard dimensions. Results are presented in terms of ASME requirements instead of generalized stress results. The FE/Pipe focus is on nozzles, supports, flanges and pipe. The program maintains some heat transfer capability and elastic / plastic analysis with large rotation.


 fepipe_1 fepipe_2


Why should I use FE/Pipe?


FE/Pipe addresses many needs of PVP engineers working in today’s market. The following are a few of the most important reasons to use FE/Pipe:

typical pressure vessel design codes, such as ASME Section VIII, cannot address all design cases. For instance, external loads on nozzles are not addressed within the Code. In such cases, engineers need to go outside of the Code and apply recognized design procedures such as finite element analysis using FE/Pipe.

Simplified calculation methods commonly used in the PVP industry such as WRC 107/297 are based on.

limited test data and are known to be inaccurate in many cases. FE/Pipe provides realistic answers for all cases.


FE/Pipe has been designed to meet the needs of the PVP industry. General FEA tools are not tailored to the PVP engineer.

FE/Pipe produces ASME code output reports in accordance with ASME requirements.

FE/Pipe automatically produces stress intensification factors and flexibilities for typical piping junctions. These are weak points in the piping code and FE/Pipe can be used to supplement detailed piping analysis.

What is included with FE/Pipe?

FE/Pipe purchase includes the PRO series of products: NozzlePRO • AxiPRO • MatPRO FE/Pipe service plan includes the FE series of products: FE107 • FESIF • FE661 • FEBend …and the PCL-Gold Pipe Stress Module