How can you make NozzlePRO work to the AD2000 /EN13445?

1.Set Up of NozzlePRO in ASME Rules option



2-Set up by Material according to mr.Limpert/BASF SE

You make NozzlePRO to  work according to German regulations

a-The allowable Stress for hot and cold conditions have to be set for hot condition.

b-The hot E Module has to be used.


To sum Up:What is to do to get NozzlePro working under AD2000/EN13445

1- “Von Mises” Option has to be chosen to obtain a correct result for the purposes of the AD2000  rules .

2-For the “Presure factor Operating Case”It is not clear .by default take a factor 1

According to AD2000-B0, Pkt. 4.5, you can reduce the factor from 1 to 0.95