Paulin Research Group Software Verification

We include our certification letters in the program install.  You can find them located at C:\PRG\ QA FEPipe 6.6 Certificate.pdf and C:\PRG\ QA NozzlePRO 8.6 Certificate.pdf

NozzlePRO is a preprocessor for FEPipe and is sold as a separate program, in practice it is designed as a specialized template that runs FEPipe in the background. As such, all testing that is applicable to NozzlePRO is verified through FEPipe.

FEPipe is a finite element program specifically designed for the piping and pressure vessel industries. FEPipe has been commercially available for over 19 years and is in use by top EPC firms throughout the world. The element subset is compared to ANSYS, test data, WRC bulletins and classical closed form solutions ("hand calcs").  Internal QC documents compare FE/Pipe and NozzlePRO results to Adina and unpublished test results and will be released with the newest version of FE/Pipe.

Mr. Les Bildy, President of Codeware used over 3000 NozzlePRO runs in preparation of the new ASME Section VIII rules for nozzle openings in heads. Mr. Bildy has reported several of these tests, as they are in support of his NozzlePRO use in the ASME Code rewrite project.

Paulin Research Group has compared NozzlePRO saddle and nozzle results to more than five large, full scale pressure vessel nozzle and saddle tests conducted either at the PRG lab in Houston or at fabrication facilities in the Houston, Texas area, and to numerous small scale tests conducted at the PRG laboratories.

We also have a paper Fatigue Testing of Welded Flat Head Pressure Vessel Joints (July 2007) publicly posted on our website .

We have as well the ASME ST LLC 07-02 Recommended Changes to Appendix D and the FEA107 Experimental Validation.