PRG is announcing an interim software release of both FEPipe v10.1 and NozzlePRO v12.1.

PRG is announcing an interim software release (in the middle of two major versions) of both FEPipe v10.1 and NozzlePRO v12.1.

Details pertaining to the interim release can be found in the attached document.



Who is eligible for the Interim Release?

Clients who were eligible for FEPipe v10.0 and NozzlePRO v12.0 are eligible to receive this interim release – even if their SMS has since expired.

When is the next major release?

The next major release of FEPipe v10.5 and NozzlePRO v12.5 is scheduled for Q1 2019.  In order for clients to be eligible for this version they will have to have an active support agreement at that time.  Some of the upcoming features can be found on the attached PDF.


If you have any questions about this interim release, please send those questions to Ryan Metcalf at PAULIN Research Group ( or directly to to be answered.


Best Regards,

Mary Jane Paulin-Metcalf


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PRG-2018 New Version Release of both NozzlePRO and FEPipe

PRG-2018 New Version Release of both NozzlePRO and FEPipe

PAULIN Research Group is pleased to announce the release of FEPipe version 10.0 and NozzlePRO version 12.0.

If you are a customer that is current on support, or had your support expire AFTER April 15, 2017, you have the right to download and use the version of your Licensed program. If your support expired BEFORE April 15, 2017, please send an email to to get a support reinstatement quote.

To request a link to the latest installer please contact and provide the following information:

  • Your Name & Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Your PRG Product Serial Number (NP-nnnnn or FP-nnnnn)

Please note that the download file is fairly large.  Download times will vary between 3 – 30 minutes, depending on traffic, location and connection speed.

Only clients with valid Software Maintenance & Service (SMS) as of 15 April 2017, and whose accounts are in good standing, will be eligible to receive the new version.  As always, SMS-dependent modules are only activated for clients with active SMS.

Here is a brief summary of the new major features we think will be of interest to most customers.


  • Support for ASME VIII-2 Part 5 Nonlinear Analysis Features (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
  • New Drawing Tools (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
  • Interactive Output Processing – MiMOut (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
  • Fitness for Service (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
  • BOS B31 – New SMS Module (FEPipe)
  • Point Cloud Scanning Software – New SMS Module (FEPipe)

For more detailed information on the software release, you can download our summary document by clicking on the filename here: NewFeaturesFPv10NPv12.pdf.

If you have any questions about the new version release, or the process to get it, please feel free to get in touch with us by sending an email to  Having an email record of your request will help us make sure any questions get addressed by the right group within PRG (sales, support, or development).

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Important Industry News – B31J – 2017

Q3 2017 Company Updates & Announcement

Important Industry News – B31J – 2017

The ASME B31 Committees recently officially released the new Standard we refer to as “B31J – 2017”. This officially makes B31J – 2017 available and part of the B.31 Code. This is a fundamental transformation for pressure vessel and piping design, and it will impact virtually every PVP design project in the future. B31J marks the first major improvement in the treatement of SIFs, k-factors, and SSIs in the Code in the last 40+ years. For those who take the time to understand and implement this new approach, more accurate designs, a reduction in costs related to design, construction, and lifecycle maintenance of a plant, and a simultaneous improvement in safety will be possible.

To see a joint Webinar put on between PRG and Intergraph on this subject, on September 6, 2017, please see the following announcement by Intergraph by clicking HERE.

For More information on B31J and FEATools, please click HERE.

Company News – New PRG Product Version Releases –
FEPipe version 10 and NozzlePRO version 12

Paulin Research Group is very close to releasing version 10.0 of FEPipe and version 12.0 of NozzlePRO. We expect to release these versions in mid to late September, 2017. When this major version release is ready for distribution, all of our current and past customers will be notified by email. We will be offering a support reinstatement “special” to give customers a chance to get back and support and then receive this very important update to our products. For a brief summary of the planned new functionality that will be in these releases, click HERE. Also see the Webinars discussed below for presentations by Tony Paulin on the new products and new features in this upcoming major release.

Company News – We will see you at the September 26 CAU Event in Sugarland, TX

Paulin Research Group will be at the September 26, 2017 Intergraph CAU event in Sugarland, TX. We will be sponsoring a booth and a morning coffee break. We would love for you to stop by and ask us questions about FEATools, B31J, BOS B31, our upcoming version releases, or any piping or pressure vessel design questions you may have.

Upcoming Webinar Schedule

The following PRG Webinars and Joint PRG/Intergraph Webinar will be held in the upcoming months to cover both B.31J and the new version releases of NozzlePRO and FEPipe, and related important topics
JOINT WEBINAR – FEATools and B31J Focus – September 6, 2017

September 6, 2017- Joint PRG and Intergraph Webinar on B31J, version 3.1 of FEATools, and version 12 of NozzlePRO – Click HERE to Register


October 24 – NozzlePRO version 12.0, new features and functionality –
Registration Links to be sent out and announced in the near future

November 14 – FEPipe version 10.0, new features and functionality –
Registration Links to be sent out and announced in the near future


September 28 – B31J Coverage with a focus on bends and nozzle connections. BOS B31 –
Registration for this Webinar will be available in the near future

October 17 – ASME Section VIII – Div. 2 Nonlinear Nozzle Design Rules. B31J. Pipe Shoes – Registration for this Webinar will be available in the near future

November 7 – Caesar/FEATools Models – Bends with attachments – Refractory lined bends and branch connections – Commercial Tees – EN103253 Type A,B Olets –
Registration for this Webinar will be available in the near future

December 5 – API-661 and FEA – Thermal gradients on Bends with attachments – BOS B31 and B31.3 Sec. 310.5.1 (pipe geysering and flashing load analysis) –
Registration for this Webinar will be available in the near future

December 10 – BOS B31 features and typical load mechanisms –
Registration for this Webinar will be available in the near future

January 9 – Using point clouds to validate piping systems. Fitness for Service (FFS) calculations using both Linear and Non-Linear methods. –
Registration for this Webinar will be available in the near future

January 30 – Using point clouds in measurement applications – Ke calcs for fatigue in Nozzles –
Registration for this Webinar will be available in the near future

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Mrs Jeannine Fuchs is now member of The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals


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What’s New in CAESAR II 2016?

The new CAESAR II 2016 Version is available.


To see a free webinar about the upcoming changes please click the following link:


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Paulin Research Group 6 mai 2015 -Présentation devant une grande agence du gouvernement américain

Paulin Research Group May 6, 2015 –

Tony Paulin Jr., président du PRG, a donné une conférence d’une journée complète  de formation pour les responsables de l’ingénierie des systèmes sous pression d’une grande agence gouvernementale américaine.

Cette présentation a montré comment la technologie de FEA de PRG peut être utilisé pour améliorer rapidement et facilement la sécurité d’un système tout en réduisant simultanément “sur-design”.

avez-vous rencontré des problèmes sur un composant qui tombe en dehors des limites des codes B31, laWRC-107, ou WRC-297?

Est-ce que les contraintes admissibles pour votre design semblent anormalement basse?

 PRG Software peut vous aider!


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L’ASME a publié les recherches de Tony Paulin, PRG

Anfang des Jahres war es endlich soweit. Das Paper STP-PT-073 – 2014 von Tony Paulin – Paulin Research Group, wurde endlich auf der ASME Homepage veröffentlicht.

Sie können es unter folgendem Link erwerben:

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Le calcul de tuyauterie avec CAESAR II

Cher client,

nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que nous sommes maintenant en mesure de former les clients sur le calcul de tuyauterie avec CAESAR II.  La connaissance des fonctions du logiciel vous permet de créer un input mais ne vous donne pas les connaissances nécessaires pour trouver des solutions quand le calcul de la tuyauterie dépasse les contraintes admissibles.

Notre intention est d'aider les clients à l'avenir à faire du calcul de tuyauterie avec le logiciel  choisi par la société et d'être en mesure d'améliorer ses connaissances dans ce domaine comme nous le faisons déjà pour les éléments finis de Paulin Research Group.

Nous ne sommes pas responsables des ventes de CAESAR II.


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la formation de FE/Pipe sera prolongée d’une Journée

Selon les souhaits de nos clients, nous avons étendu la formation de FE / PIPE d'une journée smiley!

La formation dure maintenant 2 jours complets.


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Ici vous pouvez voir le genre d’exemples qui sont travaillés dans la formation de NozzlePro-FE/PIPE

Download (PDF, 1.48MB)

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