PRG-2018 New Version Release of both NozzlePRO and FEPipe

PRG-2018 New Version Release of both NozzlePRO and FEPipe

PAULIN Research Group is pleased to announce the release of FEPipe version 10.0 and NozzlePRO version 12.0.

If you are a customer that is current on support, or had your support expire AFTER April 15, 2017, you have the right to download and use the version of your Licensed program. If your support expired BEFORE April 15, 2017, please send an email to to get a support reinstatement quote.

To request a link to the latest installer please contact and provide the following information:

  • Your Name & Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Your PRG Product Serial Number (NP-nnnnn or FP-nnnnn)

Please note that the download file is fairly large.  Download times will vary between 3 – 30 minutes, depending on traffic, location and connection speed.

Only clients with valid Software Maintenance & Service (SMS) as of 15 April 2017, and whose accounts are in good standing, will be eligible to receive the new version.  As always, SMS-dependent modules are only activated for clients with active SMS.

Here is a brief summary of the new major features we think will be of interest to most customers.


  • Support for ASME VIII-2 Part 5 Nonlinear Analysis Features (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
  • New Drawing Tools (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
  • Interactive Output Processing – MiMOut (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
  • Fitness for Service (FEPipe, NozzlePRO)
  • BOS B31 – New SMS Module (FEPipe)
  • Point Cloud Scanning Software – New SMS Module (FEPipe)

For more detailed information on the software release, you can download our summary document by clicking on the filename here: NewFeaturesFPv10NPv12.pdf.

If you have any questions about the new version release, or the process to get it, please feel free to get in touch with us by sending an email to  Having an email record of your request will help us make sure any questions get addressed by the right group within PRG (sales, support, or development).

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